Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is There A Point to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

So this ALS campaign has been going pretty viral and now there are two sides to how people to react to this ice bucket challenges.

You have one side of people supporting the cause and/or performing the act; and the other side stating the "obvious fact" that the POINT of the campaign is to donate, not to do silly acts like the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE.
Yes I'm talking about videos like these:

and this.

Now I personally don't see wrong but more funny in what Charlie Sheen is doing but what I wanted to point out was the reactions and comments this video receives.

So many comments I've read claimed that Charlie Sheen GETS THE POINT. That's it's not about pouring ice water over your head, it's about donating money.

Now I want to state: it's called raising awareness. Attention whore or not, it's the act of getting people to watch and then do it so more people will watch. If you think performing a silly act can evoke more reaction from people, either to want to do it or to donate, then I'd say it's a successful awareness campaign. Marketing gimmick or not, if not for this "attention-seeking" act, ALS will not receive the attention it has today; and so many more people would not have known about this disease, or to donate to this campaign.

POINT is, ALS has not gotten this much attention since forever. It doens't cost them nor the celebrities or anyone in the world doing it, doesn't cost the viewers to watch it, it's doesn't hurt or harm anyone, it's a charity drive for pete's sake, not a mlm scam.

I thought Charlie Sheen did a great job because the video drew attention, created awareness and he did donate a lot of money, but I'm focusing on the group of people who kept highlighting the fact that there isn't a point to the ice bucket challenge.

Watch this video and then tell me if you think there is A POINT in doing the ice bucket challenge.

ps// don't forget to donate to

pps// If you just donate the money people, do you think other people will know about it? Create a video with thousands of dollars pouring over your head, at least.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Workshop

Every since I stopped blogging full-time years ago, years later I finally found a little joy back in blogging, but only limit to whenever I feel like sitting down and penning the words out. I also started accepting invites for workshops and events, though no many I have to admit, but I'll go for those that interest me and whenever I'm able to.

Since starting my own business, it has been a little hectic and I have been craving for a long break of late, which fortunately I did a short while ago, and now am ready to dive back into the hectic schedule.

When SK-II invited me for their famous Facial Treatment Essence Workshop months ago, I agreed. Knowing I love SK-II and all their products.

The experiment shows the how easily FTE can be absorbed into the skin as compared to water and other essence brand, and how it slows the oxidation process of on the bananas as compared to water and other essence (a.k.a. aging of our skin).

My mom was an avid user way before I ever was and I have always loved how amazing their products work on my skin. It comes with no wonder each and every piece of their skincare cost a small fortune, but oh so worth it. Good stuff never comes cheap. It's also scary that every year they increase their price, much like Chanel bags. -_-

Thanks for the FTE! Just finished two of my big FTE bottles this year. o.O

Currently this Facial Treatment UV Protection is sitting in my drawer. I'll probably have to start using it soon as my current daily UV sunblock is running out. :p

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chanel Les 4 Ombres

It's always nice to receive a gift when you return from a travel. Especially when it has the word "Chanel" on it.

When given a choice, I went with the 232 Tisse Venitien because I don't normally apply shade of green on my eyes even though my complexion has always suited green. The model in the promo video has such an intense eyeshadow color portrayal of this palette that I was sold immediately. Despite knowing it would take primer, eyeliner, mascara and a whole lot of patience to achieve this look. Nevertheless, it's an exciting blend of color I'm adding to my collection.

Find out more about Chanel Les 4 Ombres and how you can get a free makeover here.