Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Winter Look] Blonde Panda

I'm digging the blonde with black eyeliners and red lipstick look.When I had black hair, I always though red lipstick looked a bit tacky, but it's such an effortless look now that I have platinum blonde hair. Conceal and contour your face properly to achieve a porcelain look with precise and clean eye make up (lots of eyeliners) and bright red lipstick.

Top: Uniqlo Heattech
Shorts: Hokkaido
Stockings: Austria
Phone casing and tail: Tokyo Disneyland
Panda beanie: Universal Traveller

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Elsa Look from Frozen the Movie

Since I already had my hair blonde I thought it would really convenient to do an Elsa look. Red lipstick, nude make up with big dolly eyes with long lashes.

My hair wasn't that long at this point so a short ponytail would have to do.

Top: Miss Selfridge. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

L'Occitane and O'slee

Just a couple of weekends ago I decided to dress up and head out for an L'Occitane event since I do love their products and decided to check out their latest almond lotion collection.

I was blur max that day that I made it to the event after it has ended, mixing up the time of the event.
Fail max.

But still I managed to snap some photos of the pretty packagings (I do love their packaging) and tried out some testers so I know what to get when I finish my lotion next. (Which is proving a difficult feat since I have a lot of lotions, but never stopped me from buying them since I adore lotions and will eventually finish them).

Then just last week I went to another event, hosted at Seri Carcosa, and ended up there an hour too early and the event was delayed by two hours so I was just sitting there playing with my phone for a good two hours. Double fail.

At least it was a good opportunity to explore new beauty products. yay! Said beauty line was O'slee which is a Hong Kong brand brought into Malaysia about five years ago by this really young guy (currently in his 25th) who has the skin of a baby's bottom, not to mention unbearable good looks (no photo of him, sorry).  They dabble mostly with rosehip as the main ingredient which I fancy a lot since I depended on rosehip oil to remove scars which were left by injuries. (I'm clumsy that way)

I intend to use the ruby toner as a toner mask since my biggest concern has always been dehydration. It's only RM59.90 in guardian, pretty affordable to perform a toner mask routine.

my haul

selfie in Seri Carcosa toilet

Second haul - Three star products: Peeling Gel, Ruby Toner and Lemon Soda Serum (for whitening)

For L'Occitane:
For O'slee: (available in all guardians Malaysia)