Friday, November 13, 2015

SK-II Festive Edition Set

Received my festive edition Pitera Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II. Yay!

Sk-II butterfly

I got the pink butterfly limited edition bottle which signifies encouragement (took a personality test for it).  It's also supposed to represent love, affection, and trust. Well that's very useful in business -_- .

Christmas is right around the corner and SK-II has launched their new set in Mid Valley on the 8th October.

SK-II Festive Edition Launch

I attended the event and saw Soo Wincci performed on stage. I first heard her voice on her instagram and thought that she has a really nice soothing voice. It was her debut song on a CD and I really loved the song. I've always enjoyed seeing local talented artist perform on stage. SK-II do hire really good talent to collaborate with. The last event they invited Yuna and I thoroughly melted in her voice on stage.

SK-II Festive Edition Launch

SK-II Festive Edition Launch
Cathryn performing a piano piece.

SK-II Festive Edition Launch
Finally got to see Joanne Yew in person. And she is really tall, and I'm a tall girl. And extremely fair. My stylist never stops raving about how nice she is. And turns out she lives pretty close to me, no wonder I always see her around the area.

Joanne yew and I

SK-II Festive Edition Launch
Violinist Josh also performed a number to the crowd.

The limited edition Facial Treatment Essence (230ml) is available as part of 4 SK-II festive sets:
SK-II Iconic Set                                                                                              RM620
SK-II Flawless Beauty Set                                                                              RM1,410
SK-II Beauty Blossom Set                                                                              RM852
SK-II Age Protect Set                                                                                      RM1,181

Also available for a limited time while stocks last are 3 other festive sets:

SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set                                                         RM229
SK-II Skin Indulgence Set                                                                              RM2,277
SK-II MEN Smart Set                                                                                     RM579 

(set photos below)

SK-II Iconic Set - RM620

SK-II Flawless Beauty Set - RM1,410

SK-II Beauty Blossom Set - RM852

SK-II Age Protect Set - RM1,181

040215 SK-II Festive15 W1 PES
SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set - RM229

SK-II Skin Indulgence Set - RM2,277

SK-II MEN Smart Set - RM579 

Miruku my white persian kitten

Miruku has been growing up rather big. He's not even one full year old yet. Technically he's shy of a month before reading full adulthood. I consider 12 months cat to be a proper adult.

Anything before that would be deem too young to eat adult cat food, which consists of mostly oilier parts of chicken like chicken skin and chicken liver. He can eat pigs heart but not three days in a row.

I'm beginning to believe that instead of a persian, Miruku might actually be a ragdoll breed.
First thing he is getting incredibly BIG. Not to mention heavy too.
He has blue eyes, like all ragdolls. Temper of a panda. Follow me everywhere I go. Play with anything that's on the floor.

The only thing that gave away is his full body of white fur.

He's becoming incredibly cute, even with his angry eyes.
Even when he misbehaves, it's difficult to stay mad at him.


That's him sleep hiding under the curtain. Took me 5 minutes to locate him. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

BOSS THE SCENT & BOSS WOMAN Runway Edition Review

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

I received a call one day from my mom telling me dad has been on the hunt for new fragrances. Like father like daughter, both he and I have been avid fan of fragrances. So I started scouting for men fragrances, I know he's a fan of Hugo Boss so it was this brand that I paid particular attention to.

This was when Hugo Boss launched its new fragrance BOSS THE SCENT (September 2015). With a handsome Theo James as its ambassador.
After testing out so many of their existing fragrances in the past, I would have to say I like this the best.

Top note features a spicy ginger with a rousing maninka fruit fuses with lavender as a heart note. Base note ends in an intense, burnished leather which highlights masculinity of the fragrance.

Verdict: A power fragrance to wear. Wear this to a meeting when dealing with a lady boss. Very sexy, powdery scent. Subtle but very intense. I can whiff on this forever.

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

BOSS The Scent EDT                          50ml        RM272
BOSS The Scent EDT                          100ml      RM360
BOSS The Scent Deostick                    75ml        RM96
BOSS The Scent Deospray                   150ml      RM96
BOSS The Scent After Shave Lotion    100ml      RM272

BOSS WOMAN Runway Edition 2015 features three very different fragrances, a trilogy of glamours scents, each featuring a fashion sketch: the day dress, the tuxedo and the evening gown, inspired by BOSS Womenswear Artistic director Jason Wu's debut collection.

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

BOSS JOUR Pour Femme is a light hearted scent carrying a vibrant citrus and white flowers.

BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme is Jason Wu's take on bespoke smoking jacket. The bold and charismatic scent blends the freshness of cactus blossom with refined blooms.

BOSS NUIT Pour Femme is the scent of allure that comes with sparkling top notes fuse with tender violet and jasmine.

Verdict: My favourite will have to be the MA VIE, which boast sensuality. Not too casual and not too serious. Perhaps my day time wear to almost any occasion. JOUR has a rich floral scent which has never been my ideal fragrance whereas NUIT was a powerful mature scent, almost borderline female masculinity.

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

Hugo boss the scent & boss woman runway edition

BOSS WOMAN Runway Edition 2015
50ml     RM266
75ml     RM339