Monday, September 22, 2014

Making Godiva Chocolate

Chocolates have been the kryptonite for women throughout the centuries that songs and poetries have been sang for them, movies made, games crated and war raged.Heck, this blog was first named after chocolate due to my obsession with chocolates back in the days.

Thankfully I've grown out of that obsession, else I would be the size of my house by now. But it's still a delightful indulgence every now and then. So when I was asked to attend the workshop of Godiva, I jumped right onto it. Knowing I would be bringing home a whole lot of Godiva chocolates I would be making was enough to get me RSVP-ing.

Long before attending this workshop I was already making homemade chocolates of my own, I would have fit right into the Valentine culture of a high school Japanese students. It was great to learn about chocolate tempering, difference between a quality chocolate and a mediocre one. Though the best part was walking away with my very own box of handmade chocolate as well as a box of Godiva Truffes (with all divinity, it was sweeping my tongue to heaven and back).

Godiva chef flown in from Hong Kong

perhaps my favourite kind of chocolate, especially when it's topped with all sorts of dried fruits. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Divana Massage & Spa, Bangkok

No where offers better massages than Bangkok does, You can't step foot onto Thailand and not receive a massage, it's blasphemy, in fact, you can't even if you try. They're everywhere; on the beach, in the small alley, in your hotel, next to your hostel, in the malls, on an island, in your room (personal masseuse service), and they come in all price range, from the ultra budget to the extremely luxurious.

Divana is one of the most awarded spa centres and franchise in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand. You can check their long list of awards and coverage on media on their website.

I had the fortunate opportunity to receive pampering 2.5 hours session of massage and scrub at the Divana Massage & Spa outlet on 7, Sukhumvit 25 in Bangkok. Their scrubs are made in-house from fresh ingredients and you can select the oil you like for your massage, on top of that you get to decide where you would like the masseuse to focus on or to avoid without needing to converse with the locals, all can be done and understood with a mere fill-in of a form prior to your massage.

Divana also produces their own range of skincare and beauty products, most of which were utterly divine. I left the spa centre with bags of lotions and collagen gels (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), ranging from 750 - 4000 baht. Worth every baht.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, Bangkok

Terminal 21 isn't a station nor a new airport, it's a travel-themed concept mall in down town Bangkok. "Bringing" your to world famous cities under one roof.

When I first heard of the concept, I didn't quite understand what they meant. Once there, it soon dawned on me that each floor features a popular metropolitan city from London to Hollywood, from designs of the lights and walls, even each individual toilet is designed differently and according to the theme of the floor:

LG Floor - Caribbean

G Floor - Rome

M Floor - Paris

1st Floor - Tokyo

2nd Floor - London

3rd Floor - Istanbul

4th Floor - San Francisco (City)

5th Floor - San Francisco (Pier)

6th Floor - Hollywood

There's plenty to see and loads to shop. Big brands like Jaspal and H&M hold shops there along with many cute boutiques on the Istanbul and Tokyo floor. You'll also find a fancy Hollywood style cinema on the top floor and a gourmet market on the lower ground.

replica of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

heading up to Hollywood


believe it or not, this is the inside of a toilet

few more of their toilets:

It's a mall where you would want to visit all of their toilets. Not a single toilet the same.